Community Call

Community calls is a place to meet other enthusiasts and experts who share your passion for this exciting field. Perhaps you also want to shape the direction of the community? Then you can join us for our community call! Here some of the recurrent topics covered:

  • Connect with other enthusiasts and learn what they are working on

  • Show some of the amazing applications and examples of generative AI, such as style transfer, text generation, image synthesis, and more

  • Look deeper into GenAI competency building

  • Discuss about expert talks in preparation

This event is open to anyone who is curious about generative AI, regardless of your background or skill level. All you need is a computer with an internet connection. The event will last for about 60 minutes and happens once in a month. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with other GenAI gurus and learn more about this fascinating topic. Register now here In Meetup and we’ll see you soon!